Mariners' Advisory Committee
for the Bay & River Delaware
Posted   04-11-2019 14:46  
By   JASON   [The Pilot`s Assoc]
45` Channel Transition Update (per USACE):
The USACE has provided the attached surveys and informed the MAC that there are rock pinnacles that remain above the 45` depth on the green side of Marcus Hook Range. These rock pinnacles must be blasted to be removed. Hence, the phased transition plan (posted on MAC site) for utilization of the 45` channel will be paused until further notice at it`s current Stage One draft restrictions.

Environmental restrictions limit rock blasting activities to December 1 - March 15 on this area of the Delaware River. The USACE is working to obtain permits to allow earlier rock blasting. More details to follow as completion timeline information becomes available from USACE

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