Mariners' Advisory Committee
for the Bay & River Delaware
Posted   02-07-2020 12:50  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Marcus Hook Deepening/rock removal(per GLDD): Please note that the Dredge 53 and drag barge will be able to move upon demand with a 30 minutes notice.

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company will be performing operations on the river on Thursday and Friday. See attached work plan for the Dredge 53 and drag barge working in the Delaware River for the next couple of days.

Dredge 53
The Dredge 53 will be shoaling throughout the river inbound of the Commodore Barry Bridge on Friday. The Dredge 53’s working channel is 80A. The Tug Michael L Daigle is tending the Dredge 53.

Drag barge
The drag barge will be working on the green side of Marcus Hook range across from the Red 46 buoy on Friday afternoon. The Tug Amy E Herbert is tending the drag barge.

Operations will also be monitoring radio channels 13 and 16 for vessel traffic. Should any changes occur, a revision of notice will be distributed.

Apache Wheelhouse phone: 630) 730-7689‬
Dredge New York phones:
DAY OPERATOR Chad Van Epps – (920) 903-4088
NIGHT OPERATOR David Limon – (956) 243-5908
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