Mariners' Advisory Committee
for the Bay & River Delaware
Posted   10-14-2019 22:30  
By   JSG   [Pilots` Association for the Bay and River DE]
Schuylkill River dredging operations (per NDC):
The Dredge ESSEX along with support equipment, tender boats Pusher 10, Duke, Hilton Head and Pusher 12 will commence dredging operations at Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, PA on or about October 16, 2019. A floating pipeline will be placed from the dredging area to the Ft. Mifflin Disposal area, on the south side of the Schuylkill River between the I95 bridge & the mouth of the Schuylkill River. The project is expected to continue until approximately December 15, 2019.
The Dredge Operator will standby on channels #13 and #16 VHF-FM. Traffic should call 30 minutes prior to expected time of passage. For any emergencies the dredge operator can be reached at 757-373-5253.
All mariners are requested to stay clear of the dredge, floating pipes, submerged pipelines, barges, derricks, floating anchor buoys and operating wires about the dredge. Operators of vessels of all types should be aware that the dredge and floating pipelines are held in place by cables, attached to anchors some distance away from the equipment. Buoys are attached to the anchors so that the anchors may be moved as the dredge advances and the location of the submerged pipelines are marked by buoys on each side of the channel. Mariners are cautioned to strictly comply with the Rules of the Road when approaching, passing and leaving the area of operations, and remain a safe distance away from the dredge, booster, buoys, cables, pipelines, barges, derricks, wires and related equipment.
Owners and lessees of fishnets, crab pots and other structures that may be in the vicinity and that may hinder the free navigation of attending vessels and equipment must remove these from the area where tugs, tender boats and other attendant equipment will be navigating. Since the project will be conducted twenty -four (24) hours per day seven (7) days a week, all fishnets, crab pots and structures in the general area must be removed prior to the commencement of the work.
Please see attached plot for current equipment location information.
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